Code of Ethics

  • We shall each strive to develop cultures and practices within our businesses which are founded on ‘integrity’, ‘fairness’ and honesty’
  • To stay abreast of the most current acceptable techniques and procedures and materials needed to perform our work in a safe and professional manner
  • Members must conduct their business so as to minimise controversy and to avoid conduct that is detrimental to the interests of the Association or of the Industry.
  • To comply with all state and federal regulation, ‘Codes of Practice’ and current standards in the performance of their tasks.
  • Members will ensure that their staff and labour are trained to acceptable standards of competency within our Industry.
  • Members must carry adequate insurance’s at all times.
  • We agree that contracts and projects accepted and entered into by our Companies, whether written or verbal, should be fair to all parties and performed in a professional manner, utilising quality leadership, materials and workmanship until our obligations have been satisfactorily fulfilled.
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