Petroleum Industry Contractors Association of Western Australia

The Association

Formed in 1993 as the WA Chapter of the National Petroleum Industry Contractors Association, PICA WA aims to support local contractors to better the petroleum industry.

Purposes of the Association
  • To encourage, foster and promote the interests of Contractors to the Petroleum Industry.

  • To join, affiliate and co-operate with the Association in promoting and advancing any movement for the betterment of the Petroleum Industry.

  • To represent and submit to government statutory bodies and other organisations any matter which will affect the interest of the Industry.

  • Members shall continually strive to improve our profession so that it may be of ever increasing benefit to the Industry, public and environment.

  • Members shall uphold these ethics by precept and example, and encourage by counsel and advice to other Members and their adherence to such standards.

PICA Logo - Yellow map of Australia in a black ring with PICA WA written on it
AIR BP Fuel Tanks Drawing
Christmas Creek Tanker Loading
Large Vertical Storage Tanks