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PICA WA have developed many valuable guidance notes for the petroleum industry. These include:

  • GN716 - Technician Training for Maintenance, Pressure Testing & Repair of Petroleum Tankers

  • GN108 - Testing and Maintenance of Aviation Turbine and Aviation Gasoline Refuelling Tankers

  • GN116 - Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems

  • GN511 - Responsible Fuel Handling and Storage

  • GN606 - Testing and Maintenance of Bulk Containers and Associated Fittings

  • GN807 - Gas Freeing and Work Permit Procedures for Road and Rail Tankers

  • GN913 - Awareness Guidelines for the Petroleum Industry

Our guidance notes will soon be available for purchase via the website, but in the meantime please contact us if there is anything you require.

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Guidance Note 716

Technician Training for Maintenance, Pressure testing & repair of Petroleum Tankers

This guidance note will provide technicians a comprehensive understanding and the level of expertise required in Road Tanker maintenance and repair. Read More...



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